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French Consulate General (Johannesburg)
Enquiries: tel:French Consulate General (Cape Town) Tel 021-4231575.
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Enquiries: tel:099 98 71 185 88 23 Fax: tel:099 38711372546
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High Commission of Tanzania
Home 822 George Ave Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3424393/71

Tempest Car Hire

Enquiries: tel:011 479 4000 Website: Tempest Car Hire
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Embassy of Thailand
Home 428 Hill Street Arcadia Pretoria Enquiries: tel:(012) 342-4600 Website: Embassy of Thailand

Three Cities

Enquiries: tel:0842459305 Website: Three Cities
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Time Square Executive Suites

Enquiries: tel:011 883 2325 Website: Time Square Executive Suites
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French Consulate General (Johannesburg)
Home Phone: tel:011-7785600 Enquiries: tel:French Consulate General (Cape Town) Tel 021-4231575
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Embassy of Tonga
Home Phone: tel:+67626970 Home Phone: tel:+67626969
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Trade Fair Support – Travel Supplier

Enquiries: tel:0861 832 123 Website: Trade Fair Support – Travel Supplier
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Travel Fin

Enquiries: tel:0861 878346 Website: Travel Fin
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Travel Vision

Enquiries: tel:(011) 4088000 Website: Travel Vision
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Trinidad & Tobago

High Commission of Trinidad & Tobago
Home 258 Lawley Street Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-4609688

Triton Cape Sea Travel

Enquiries: tel:021 443 9030 Website: Triton Cape Sea Travel
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Tshukudu Private Game Reserve

Enquiries: tel:015 793 2476 Enquiries: tel:086 624 2239 Website: Tshukudu Private Game Reserve
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Tsitsikamma Fall Adventures

Enquiries: tel:042 28 03 77 0 Fax: tel:086 52 44 92 4 Website: Tsitsikamma Fall Adventures
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Tuis Huis Lodge

Enquiries: tel:012 654 5713 Fax: tel:086 648 2564 Website: Tuis Huis Lodge
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Embassy of Tunisia
Home 850 Church Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3426282 Enquiries: tel:012-3426283 Fax: tel:012-3426284


Embassy of Turkey
Home 1067 Church Street Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-3426052 Home Fax: tel:012-3426053/4

Turkish Airlines

Enquiries: tel:011 578 8000 Website: Turkish Airlines
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Enquiries: tel:0990 312 441 71 22 Enquiries: tel:0990 312 441 71 24
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