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Pestana Hotel & Resorts

Enquiries: tel:011 462 1714 Fax: tel:011 462 1807 Website: Pestana Hotel & Resorts
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Piste-Cats Ski Holiday

Enquiries: tel:028 313 0526 Website: Piste-Cats Ski Holiday
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Preferred Hotel Group

Enquiries: tel:086 123 5698 Website: Preferred Hotel Group
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Premier Hotels & resorts (PTY) Ltd

Enquiries: tel:086 111 5555 Website: Premier Hotels & resorts (PTY) Ltd
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Protea Hotels

Enquiries: tel:0861 563 437 Website: Protea Hotels
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Pure Skiing

Enquiries: tel:0861 123 754 Website: Pure Skiing
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Pure Sport

Enquiries: tel:0861 123 754 Website: Pure Sport
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