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40 Winks Guest House

Enquiries: tel:0214347936 Website: 40 Winks Guest House
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Absolute Ethiopia Tours

Home Phone: tel:+251911208865 Website: Absolute Ethiopia Tours
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Embassy of Afghanistan
Home Phone: (+) 44-171-589-8891 Enquiries: (+) 44-171-589-8892 Fax: 44-171-589-3452
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Afri Temba Leisure

Enquiries: tel:0861 283 737 Website: Afri Temba Leisure
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Africa Albida Tourism

Enquiries: tel:+263134321120 Website: Africa Albida Tourism
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African Extravaganza

Enquiries: tel:+26461372100 Website: African Extravaganza
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African hotels & Adventures

Home Phone: tel:+ 27 (0) 87 740 9292 Website: AHA Groups
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Air Botswana

Enquiries: tel:0113903070 Website: Air Botswana
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Air Namibia

Home Phone: tel:0860109716 Website: Air Namibia
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Embassy of Albania
Fax: 44-207-828-8869 Home Phone: (+) 44-207-828-8897
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The Democratic of the People’s Republic of Algeria
Work 950 Arcadia Street – Hatfield Fax: 012-3426479 Home Phone: 012-3425074


Embassy of the Republic of Angola
Home 1030 Schoeman Street Pretoria Home Phone: 012-342-4404 Enquiries: 012 342 7039


Department of Environmental Affairs and Tours Branch
Work 7th Floor, Foretrust Building Martin Hammerschlag Way Foreshore Cape Town 8001 Enquiries: (021) 402-3511 Website:

Antigua & Barbuda

High Commission of Antigua & Barbuda (London)
Enquiries: (+) 2074867073 Fax: (+)2074861466
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Embassy of Argentina Consular Section
Work 440 Hilda Street, Hatfield, Pretoria Enquiries: (012) 430-3527 Fax: (012) 430-2907 Website:


Home Phone: tel:431 522 7480 Enquiries: tel:522 74 81
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High Commission of Australia
Home 292 Orient Street, Pretoria Fax: 012-423 6000 Enquiries: tel:012-3424222


Embassy of Austria
Work 1109 Duncan Street, Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-4529155 Fax: tel:012-4601151


Enquiries: tel:0990 441 26 20 Fax: tel:0990 441 2600
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No representation available for SA
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Embassy of Bahrain
Home 30 Belgrave Square, London Home Phone: tel:+2072019170 Home Fax: tel:+2072019183


High Commission of Bangladesh
Work 410 Farenden Street, Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3432105 Enquiries: tel:012-3432106 Fax: tel:+2073236872


High Commission of Barbados
Enquiries: tel:+2073236872 Fax: tel:+2076314975
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Embassy of the Republic of Belarus
Home 327 Hill Street, Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-4307664 Enquiries: tel:012-4307707 Fax: tel:012-3426280