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Embassy of Bahrain
Home 30 Belgrave Square, London Home Phone: tel:+2072019170 Home Fax: tel:+2072019183


High Commission of Bangladesh
Work 410 Farenden Street, Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3432105 Enquiries: tel:012-3432106 Fax: tel:+2073236872


High Commission of Barbados
Enquiries: tel:+2073236872 Fax: tel:+2076314975
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Embassy of the Republic of Belarus
Home 327 Hill Street, Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-4307664 Enquiries: tel:012-4307707 Fax: tel:012-3426280


Embassy of Belgium
Home 625 Leuds Street Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-4403201 Enquiries: tel:Consulate General JHB 011-9129600 Home Fax: tel:012-4403216 Fax: tel:Consulate General JHB 011-4475496


High Commission of Belize (London)
Enquiries: tel:+2077233603 Fax: tel:+2077239637
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Belmont Square Conference Centre

Enquiries: tel:0216852625 Fax: tel:086 523 8262 Website: Belmont Square Conference Centre
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Embassy of Benin
Home 900 Park Street, Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3426978 Fax: tel:012-3421823

Big Game Parks

Enquiries: tel:+26825283943 Fax: tel:+26825283924 Website: Big Game Parks
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Consulate General (Johannesburg)
Enquiries: tel:011-8833416 Fax: tel:011-8887126
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BON Hotels

Home Phone: tel:0861266222 Website: BON Hotels
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Boschdal Upmarket Guest House

Enquiries: tel:014 533 3783 Website: Boschdal Upmarket Guest House
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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina (London)
Enquiries: tel:+442073730867
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Consulate General (Johannesburg)
Enquiries: tel:011-4033748 Home Phone: tel:011-4033749 Fax: tel:011-4031384 Home Fax: tel:011-4031286
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Embassy of Brazil Consular Section
Work 177 Dyer Road, Hill Crest Pretoria Enquiries: tel:(012) 366-5200 Home Phone: tel:(012) 366-5219

British T.I.P.S

Enquiries: tel:021 975-2047 Website: British T.I.P.S
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Embassy of Brunei (London)
Home Phone: tel:+2075810521 Enquiries: tel:+2075907822
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Embassy of Bulgaria
Home 1071 Church Street, Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-3423720 Enquiries: tel:012-3427941 Home Fax: tel:012-3423721

Burkina Faso

French Consulate General
Home Phone: tel:011-7785600
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Embassy of Burundi
Home Phone: tel:012-3424881 Enquiries: tel:012-3424881 Fax: tel:012-3424881
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