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SA Subtropical Paradise DUR

Enquiries: tel:031 322 4164
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SAA – South African Airways

Enquiries: tel:011 978 1111 Website: SAA – South African Airways
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High Commission of Samoa
Home 13 Culgoa Circuit Canberra Enquiries: tel:+61262865505

Sarabi Country Lodge

Enquiries: tel:011 396 3880 Website: Sarabi Country Lodge
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Saudi Arabia

Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Home 711 Duncan Street Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-3624230

Seasons in Africa

Enquiries: tel:013 750 2358 Website: Seasons in Africa
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Embassy of the Republic of Senegal
Home 57 Charles Street Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-4605263 Home Fax: tel:012-3465550


Embassy of Serbia
Home 163 Marais Street Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-4605626 Home Phone: tel:012-4606103

Serena Hotels

Enquiries: tel:011 021 2607 Website: Serena Hotels
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Consulate of the Seychelles
Home 81 William Nicol Drive West End Office ParkSandton Home Phone: tel:(011) 706-8720

Shell Lodges

Enquiries: tel:028 312 3744 Website: Shell Lodges
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High Commission of Singapore.
Home 980 Schoeman Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:(012) 430-6035 Enquiries: tel:(012) 430-6498 Enquiries: tel:(012) 430-7163 Enquiries: tel:(012) 430-7505

Slovakia rep

Embassy of Slovakia rep
Home 930 Arcadia Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3422051 Home Phone: tel:012-3422052


Embassy of Slovinia (London)
Enquiries: tel:+2072225400 Fax: tel:+2072225277
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Solomon Islands

High Commission of Solomon Islands (canberrA)
Enquiries: tel:+612628027040 Fax: tel:+61262827030
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South Korea

Embassy of South Korea
Home 27 George Storrar Drive Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-4602580 Home Phone: tel:012-4601158


Embassy of Spain
Home 337 Brooklyn Road Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-4600123 Home Phone: tel:Consulate (Cape Town) Tel 021-4222415

Sphinx Travel & Tours

Enquiries: 010 007 5666 Website: Sphinx Travel & Tours
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Springbok Atlas Tours & safaris

Enquiries: tel:021 460 4700 Website: Springbok Atlas Tours & safaris
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Sri Lanka

High Commision of Sri Lanka
Home 410 Alexander Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-4607679 Fax: tel:012-4607702

St Helena Poyal Mail Ship

Enquiries: tel:021 425 1165 Website: St Helena Poyal Mail Ship
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Embassy of Sudan
Home 1203 Pretorius Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3424538 Enquiries: tel:012-3427903 Fax: tel:012-3424539 Fax: tel:012-3420940


High Commission of Swaziland
Home 715 Government Avenue Arcadia Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012) 344-1910 Enquiries: tel:012) 344-1917 Enquiries: tel:012) 344-1924


Embassy of Sweden
Home Phone: tel:012-4266400 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Cape Town) Tel 021-4181276 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Durban) Tel 031-2076900
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