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Embassy of Mongolia (London)
Enquiries: tel:+2079370150 Fax: tel:+2079371117
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Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco
Enquiries: tel:012-3430230
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Embassy of Mozambique
Enquiries: tel:012-4010300 Enquiries: tel:(Johannesburg) Tel 011-4846427 Enquiries: tel:(Cape Town) Tel 021-4262944/5 Enquiries: tel:(Nelspruit) 013-7527396
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Embassy of Myanmar
Home 201 Leyds Streer Pretoria Gauteng SA Enquiries: tel:012-3412557/6 Home Fax: tel:012-3412553


High Commission of Namibia
Enquiries: tel:012-4819100 Enquiries: tel:012-4819118 Enquiries: tel:(Cape Town) Tel 021-4223298
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Embassy of Nepal (London)
Enquiries: tel:+2077929861 Fax: tel:+2072291594
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Embassy of Netherlands
Home 210 Queen Wilhelmina Ave Pretoria Gauteng South Africa Enquiries: tel:012-4254600 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Cape Town) Tel 021-4215660/1/2/3 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Durban) Tel 031-2669291 Enquiries: tel:(Johannesburg) Tel 011-7785600
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New Zealand

High Commission of New Zealand
Home 125 Middel Street Nieuw Muckleneuk Pretoria Enquiries: tel:(012) 460-7650


Embassy of Nicaragua (London)
Enquiries: tel:+2079382373
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Embassy of Niger-Ghana
Enquiries: tel:+23321224962
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High Commission of Nigeria
Home 971 Schoeman Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3420805 Enquiries: tel:Consulate General (Johannesburg) Tel 011-4423620

North Korea

Embassy Of North Korea
Home Waterproot Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-9918662


Embassy of Norway
Home 1166 Park Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3426100 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Cape Town) Tel 021-4181276 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Durban) Tel 031-2076900


Embassy of Oman
Enquiries: tel:012-3464429
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High Commsission of Pakistan
Home 312 Brooke Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3624072 Enquiries: tel:012-3624073


Embassy of Panama
Home 229 Olivier Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-4606670

Papua New Guinea

High Commission of Australia
Home 292 Orient street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-4236000


Embassy of Paraguay
Home 189 Strelitizia Road Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3471047

Peru Consular Section

Embassy of Peru Consular Section
Home Brooklyn Gardens, Cnr Veale & Middel Street, Block B, 1st Floor ew Muckleneuk Pretoria Enquiries: tel:(012) 346-8744/1 Home Fax: tel:(012) 346-8886


Embassy of Philippines Consular Section
Home 54 Nicolson Street, Muckleneuk Pretoria Enquiries: tel:(012) 346-0451/2 Home Fax: tel:(012) 346-0454 Website: Tourism Gov of Philippins Website: Immigration Gov of Philippins


Embassy of Poland
Home 14 Amos Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-4302631 Enquiries: tel:012-4302632


Embassy of Portugal
Home George Storrar Drive Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3468224 Enquiries: tel:012-3464285 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Johannesburg) Tel 011-6220645-9 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Cape Town) Tel 021-4180080/1 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Durban) Tel 031-3057511


French Consulate General (Johannesburg)
Enquiries: tel:011-7785600 Enquiries: tel:French Consulate General (Cape Town) Tel 021-4231575
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Embassy of Romania
Home 1171 Charles Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-4609640