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Embassy of Iceland
Work 2A Hans Street London Enquiries: tel:+2072593999 Fax: tel:+2072459649


High Commission of India
Home 852 Schoeman Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3425392 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Durban) Tel 031-3047020 Fax: tel:Consulate (Durban) Fax 031-3047008 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Johannesburg) Tel 011-4828487 Fax: tel:Consulate (Johannesburg) Fax 011-4828492


Embassy of Indonesia
Home 949 Schoeman Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3423350 Home Fax: tel:012-3423369 Enquiries: tel:Consulate (Cape Town) Tel 021-4232321 Fax: tel:Consulate (Cape Town) Fax 021-4233205


Embassy of Iran
Home 1002 Schoeman Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3425880 Home Fax: tel:012-3421878 Enquiries: tel:012-3425881


Embassy of Iraq
Home 803 Duncan Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3622048 Enquiries: tel:012-3622049 Home Fax: tel:012-3622027


Embassy of Ireland
Home 1059 Schoeman Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3425062 Home Fax: tel:012-3424752


Embassy of Israel
Home 428 Kings Highway Pretoria Enquiries: tel:(012) 470-3500 Home Fax: tel:(012) 470-3555