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Embassy of Colombia
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Embassy of Comoros
Home 817 Thomas Ave, Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-3420138 Home Fax: tel:012-3420138


Embassy of the Republic of Congo
Work 960 Arcadia Pretoria Enquiries: tel:079-2941-446 Fax: tel:012-3425510


Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Home 791 Schoeman Street Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-3446475 Enquiries: tel:012-3446476

Cook Islands

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Costa Rica

Issued on arrival
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Costsaver Trafalgar

Enquiries: tel:011 280 8400 Website: Costsaver Trafalgar Website
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Cote d’lvoire

Embassy of the Ivory Coast
Home 795 Government Ave, Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-3426913 Enquiries: tel:012-3426914 Fax: tel:012-3426713


Embassy of Croatia
Home 1160 Church Street, Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-3421206 Enquiries: tel:012-3421598 Home Fax: tel:012-3462216

Croatia-Ala-Carte Tours

Enquiries: tel:+385 99 686 8327 Fax: tel:+385 21 222 347 Website: Croatia-Ala-Carte Tours
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Cruise Masters

Enquiries: tel:+27 11 234 3134 Website: Cruise Masters Website
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Embassy of Cuba
Home 45 Mackenzie Street, Pretoria Home Phone: tel:012-3462215 Home Fax: tel:012-3462216


High Commission of Cyprus
Enquiries: tel:012-3425258 Fax: tel:012-3425258
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Czech Republic

Embassy of the Czech Republic
Work 936 Pretorius Street Pretoria Enquiries: tel:012-4312398 Enquiries: tel:012-4312390 Fax: tel:012-4302033

Dale Court Guest House

Enquiries: tel:021 439 8774
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Deep Cherry Tours

Enquiries: tel:072 325 4657 Website: Deep Cherry Tours Website
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Delta Airlines

Home Phone: tel:086 018 040 Website: Delta Airlines Website
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Ditholo Game Lodge

Enquiries: tel:086 148 8861 Website: Ditholo Game Lodge Website
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French Consulate General
Enquiries: tel:011-7785600 Enquiries: tel:French Consulate General (Cape Town) Tel 021-4231575
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Dominican Republic in London, Brussels or Paris

Embassies of the Dominican Republic in London, Brussels or Paris
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Double Three By Hilton Hotel

Enquiries: tel:021 404 0570 Fax: tel:021 404 0571 Website: Double Three By Hilton Hotel website
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Ecoaches Tours & Transfer

Enquiries: tel:013 751 3039 Website: Ecoaches Tours & Transfer Website
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