Reunion Island | Redesigning 2018

The Reunion Island Tourism Board (RITB) is delighted to unveil the new visual identity for our destination: an updated, modernised branding block that capitalises on the distinctive signs of the “Ultimate Experience” signature relaunched in September 2016.

The Reunion Island Tourism Board is giving the destination a facelift! After more than a year of coexistence between the destination’s old visual identity and the pictograms used in the “Ultimate Experience” signature, the tourist arm of the Reunion Region has chosen the beginning of 2018 to breathe new life into its communications. The new logo is central to the process of modernising and restructuring the image of the destination while retaining the visual elements that sparked such keen interest in the return of the “Ultimate Experience” signature. Through its missions, the RITB is required to communicate in two different capacities: the first as a destination, towards external markets, and the second as an institution, with its partners and the people of Reunion.